Luggage Handle Small Plastic Injection Molding Machine / Automatic Plastic Molding Machine

Soft PVC Man Luggage Handle Swiss Suitcase Travel Suitcase Plastic Injection Molding Machine



1. the pressure is high and accurate,also the injection rate is rapid in the machine.
2. Vertical clamping and injection design, especially it is suitable for the insert molding production.
3.The temperature control is steady for per section.
4.High-power motor ensures plasticizing capacity during working time.
5.User-friendly LCD display which owns diverse languages system indicates various functions and working situation.
6.It provides a more large room to die for enhancing manufacturing efficency 


What Luggage Handle Plastic Injection Molding Machine Can Do ?


PVC Luggage Handle

Swiss Suitcase Handle

Soft Luggage Handle

Travel Suitcase Handle

PP Suitcase Handle

PVC or PP with Metal Suitcase Handle

Business Suitcase Handle

Luggage Pull Handle

Carrying Pull Handle

Strap Handle Grip


Feature of Luggage Handle Plastic Injection Molding Machine


This machine is equipped with world up-class components.It performs stable and lasting



Technicial Parameters:


Injection Unit Screw Diameter mm 28-36
Screw Stroke mm 140
Shot Volume cm3 86-142
Injection Weight g/oz 80/2.8-132/4.6
Plasticizing Capacity g/s 8.2-16.5
Max. Injection Pressure kgf/cm2 2170-1312
Injection Rate cm3/s 63-105
Injection Speed mm/s 103
Screw Speed r.p.m. 0-240
Nozzle Force tf 4.8
Nozzle Ejection Stroke mm 45 or more
Clamping Unit Clamping Force tf 55
Opening Force tf


Clamping Stroke mm 200
Min. Mold Height mm 180
Max. Distance mm 380
Distance between Columns mm 445*255
Max. Mold Size mm 400*400
Platens Size mm 580*400
Ejector Stroke mm 40
Ejector Force tf 1.75
Qty of ejector pcs 1
System Pressure kgf/cm2 140
Other Oil Tank Cpacity L 140
Motor Power KW 7.5
Heater Power KW 5.5
Temperature Stage   2+1
Working Table Height mm 977
Dimensions Machine Size mm 1860*1265*2945
Weight T 1.6
Packing Size mm 2050*1500*200
Packing Weight  T 1.8



Components List


Item Item Name Brand Original of Country
2 Screw and barrel HUAYE CHINA
3 Electric motor Universal CHINA
4 Seal kit HALLITE United Kingdom
5 Solenoid valves Yuken Taiwan
6 Proporional valves Yuken Taiwan
7 Hydraulic motor White United States
8 Linear Scale Gefran Italy
9 Gear pump Eckerle Germany
10 Electrical Connectors Schneider France
11 Tie bar Genaral Taiwan
12 Heater bands Schneider France



Accessory List


1 Injection Machine x 1
2 Mold x 1

Optional Accessories(Charged)

1 Water Chiller x 1
2 Grinder x 1
3 Blender x 1
4 Dryer x 1
5 Loading machine x 1
6 Honeycomb Dehumidifiers x 1
7 Mold Temperature Controller x 1




Price List


QTY=1 set 17500-19500 USD/set FOB Shenzhen
QTY=2-5 set 2-3% off USD/set FOB Shenzhen
QTY=6-10 set 5-7% off USD/set FOB Shenzhen
More Negotiable



After-sales service


QTY=1 PCS, online technical support

QTY=2-4 PCS, our techincians on site but tickets, hotel and food are borne by you and labor fee 100 USD/day/person

QTY=5-6 PCS, techincians on site , labor free but hotel and food are borne by you.



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More Details of Our Luggage Handle Machine VS others'


PLC: Our machine is equipped with DIHZHOU (Taiwan) while others' is equipped with Percheson (Shenzhen, China).DIHZHOU PLC responds faster and control more precise.


Luggage Handle Small Plastic Injection Molding Machine / Automatic Plastic Molding Machine


Controller valves:Our valves are Yuken (Japan Brand, Made in Taiwan) while other's valves are

DOFLUID (Chinese Brand). Yuken valves is longer life.


Luggage Handle Small Plastic Injection Molding Machine / Automatic Plastic Molding Machine


Wire Connecting and Controlling system

Our machines are more wire connecting and more sensors while other is simple


Luggage Handle Small Plastic Injection Molding Machine / Automatic Plastic Molding Machine


Scaler VS Proximity Sensor

The Scaler can controller the screws move by 0.1mm while proximity sensor can not


Luggage Handle Small Plastic Injection Molding Machine / Automatic Plastic Molding Machine


Conclusion: Every exsisting is reasonable. The most importance is that you accept it or not.

That is, if you want cheap machine and you must accept its low quality and from-time-to-time troubles happened during process. It is not to criticize the people who pursue the lowest price, cheapest goods but to tell the truth. You pay more, you will enjoy more service ,more assurance. You pay less, you will take the risk by yourself.



Samples made of Luggage Handle Machine


Luggage Handle


Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

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