3 Layers Plastic Injection Moulding Machine For Optical Glasses Frame


Optical Glasses Frame Injection Moulding Machine, 3 layers ,3 Colors, Special Machine


1. This machine is equal to 3 single color injection machines.

One machine can make 3 colors or 3 different materials one stop.

2. This machine can produce 2 pcs 3 colors /3 different materials frames in 25 seconds.

No any machine can do that in so short time.

3. Save labor cost for boss. It is difficult to recruite a qualified operator to manage the machine.

This machine is full automatic. Once it starts, it can work full automatically. No need worker to operate it.

4. Small space. It only need 3*3*4m(W*L*H) space.

5. Saving electricity power and water.



Optical Glasses Frame Injection Moulding Machine can do


3 colors or 3 different materials glasses frame

Qualified glasses frame

Good brand Optical Glasses Frame

Up-class glasses frame





1. Make 3 colors / materials automatically

2. Full auto, no need operater, work 7 days,24hours

3. High efficiency,high capacity, reduce cost, cycle time=24 second, 2 cavities

4. Servo motor equiped,saving power by 60%

5. One-stop purchase, a whole set solution is available.

6. On-site technical support and romate technical support



Technical Parameters:


Injection Unit
Screw Diameter mm 28/25/25
Screw Stroke mm


Shot Volume cm3 86/68/68
Injection Weight g/oz 79/63/63
Plasticizing Capacity g/s  
Max. Injection Pressure kgf/cm2 58/48/48
Injection Rate cm3/s 120/100/100
Injection Speed mm/s 100-80
Screw Speed r.p.m. 0-340/0-290/0-290
Nozzle Force tf 2.4
Nozzle Ejection Stroke mm 60 or more
Clamping Unit
Clamping Force tf 180
Opening Force tf


Clamping Stroke mm 215
Min. Mold Height mm 280/360
Max. Distance mm 495/565
Distance between Columns mm  
Max. Mold Size mm 320*300
Platens Size mm 11000
Ejector Stroke mm 70
Ejector Force tf 17.5
Qty of ejector pcs 1*3
System Pressure kgf/cm2 140
Oil Tank Cpacity L 620
Motor Power KW 11*3
Heater Power KW 5.5*3
Temperature Stage   4*3
Working Table Height mm 1550
Machine Size mm 2970*2480*3430
Weight T 10.2
Packing Size mm 3100*2600*2100+1500*1100*1600
Packing Weight  T 10.8



Key parts List


1. PLC                          Brand name:LNC                        Original of Country:TAIWAN

2. Servo Motor              Brand name:INNOVANCE           Original of Country:CHINA

3. Screw and barrel       Brand name:HUAYUE                 Original of Country:TAIWAN

4. Electric motor            Brand name:YONGYUAN            Original of Country:CHINA

5. Seal kit                      Brand name:HALLITE                  Original of Country:CHINA

6. Solenoid valves         Brand name:Yuken                      Original of Country:TAIWAN

7. Proporional valves     Brand name:Yuken                      Original of Country:TAIWAN

8. Hydraulic motor         Brand name:White                       Original of Country:United States

9. Linear Scale              Brand name:Gefran                      Original of Country:Italy

10. Gear pump              Brand name:ECKERLE                 Original of Country:Germany

11. Electrical Connectors Brand name:Schneider               Original of Country:France

12. Tie bar                       Brand name:General                   Original of Country:Taiwan

13. Heater                       Brand name:Schneider                Original of Country:France


Accessory List


1 Injection Machine x 1
2 Robot x 2
3 Mold x 2

Optional Accessories(Charged)

1 Water Chiller x 1
2 Grinder x 1
3 Blender x 1
4 Dryer x 1
5 Loading machine x 1
6 Honeycomb Dehumidifiers x 1
7 Mold Temperature Controller x 1



Price List


QTY=1 set 89000-99000 USD/set FOB Shenzhen
QTY=2-5 set 2-3% off USD/set FOB Shenzhen
QTY=6-10 set 5-7% off USD/set FOB Shenzhen
More Negotiable



After-sales service


QTY=1 PCS,online technical support

QTY=2-4 PCS,our techincians on site but tickets, hotel and food are borne by you and labor fee 100 USD/day/person

QTY=5-6 PCS,techincians on site ,labor free but hotel and food are borne by you.



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More Details of Glasses Frame Injection Moulding Machine


Solenoid valves   Taiwan brand:Yuken


3 Layers Plastic Injection Moulding Machine For Optical Glasses Frame


Servo motor  Brand:Inovance


3 Layers Plastic Injection Moulding Machine For Optical Glasses Frame


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3 Layers Plastic Injection Moulding Machine For Optical Glasses Frame


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3 Layers Plastic Injection Moulding Machine For Optical Glasses Frame


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3 Layers Plastic Injection Moulding Machine For Optical Glasses Frame


Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

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